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  • Mongolian
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  • Mongolian
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  • Mongolian
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    News of Monumenta Altaica

    We are happy to announce a first issue of a peer-reviewed
    journal "Journal of Philology. Ural-Altaic Studies". (download)

    Contents of the 1st issue:
  • Editorial note
  • Vaclav Blazhek. Koguryo and Altaic. On the role of Koguryo and other Old Korean idioms in the Altaic etymology
  • Wu Yingzhe. A brief discussion on the vowel attachment in the Khitan Small Script
  • Oksana Dobzhanskaja. The music of shamanistic rite as a language system (on the example of Samoyed languages)
  • Nikolett Mus. The question-words in Tundra Nenets. I. The nominal question words
  • Julia Normanskaja, Nadezhda Krasikova. Some reasons of the semantic changes (on the material of genesis and development of the verbs of swimming in Selkup language)
  • Martine Robbeets. Insubordination in Altaic
  • Pavel Rykin. Structural analysis of the system of kinship terms in Middle Mongolian
  • Petr Sleptsov. The words kuox, tangara, xallaan in Yakut
  • Olga Titova. Harness denominations in southern dialects of Udmurt language
  • Nikolai Urtegeshev, Iraida Selyutina, Gulmira Esenbaeva, Tatiana Ryzhikova, Albina Dobrinina. UUPT and IPA phonetic transcription standards: the system of correlations
    Liya Sergeevna Levitskaya

    This publication has several unique features:
    1) The journal is bilingual; all papers are supplied with abstracts in both Russian and English.
    2) This is a first journal on Uralic and Altaic languages, which has a policy of publishing (representing) works by authors from Russian provinces and by foreign authors in roughly equal amounts.
    3) Publication of works is always free for the authors; the only condition for publication is high expert evaluation of the scientific value of the paper.
    4) All papers are evaluated by two (three or more in controversial cases) independent reviewers. They evaluate papers on the following criteria: a) scientific novelty, b) knowledge of the literature on the question, c) scientific value, d) quality of presentation
    Accepted are only works with two highest or one highest and one medium rating. Thus, only papers with very high scientific level should be published.
    The first issue of the journal is distributed free of charge. Other issues will be available only by subscription.
    Why do we recommend to subscribe for the journal "Issues in Philology. Ural-Altaic Studies" before April 1, 2010?
    1) Every issue will comprise at least 10 completely new works (we publish only the works with more than 70% of previously unpublished material) by leading specialists in different areas of Uralic and Altaic language research. Without proper knowledge of these papers, the authors of subsequent works might experience difficulties satisfying criterion (b) of the SCADT journals: "knowledge of the literature on the question".
    2) We have introduced "Discussion" section in the journal. In this section we will publish critical remarks on papers from the previous issue. Minimum size of a remark is one half of the page. Please note, that (under the condition that the remark passes regular evaluation procedures) there is no waiting period for publication of critical remarks, but one has to be acquainted with all the latest publications. We don't accept critical remarks later than three month from the publication date of the original paper. Therefore, it is very important to obtain subscription and receive new issues of the journal in due time.
    3) Publisher's rules provide for free distribution of the journal to a very limited number of public libraries, situated mainly in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Without subscription the journal would be practically inaccessible for researchers from other cities and towns and from abroad.
    We remind that publishing the electronic version of the journal on the web or any other way of its distribution without permission from the publisher is a violation of Russian copyright laws.
    We regret that the journal can be obtained only through subscription, but there is no possibility for an SCADT journal to circumvent this rule. We have tried to keep the price as low as possible (it includes only prime cost plus shipping expenses) and to facilitate subscription.
    You can find all information, necessary for subscription, on the last pages of the journal.
    For those, who don't carry bank cards, we have printed a payment slip on the last page of the journal. Filling it out will take no longer than 5 minutes. Then you have to take it to any bank branch and pay.
    Visa or Mastercard holders will be able to order and pay for the journal in ten minutes, right on their computer through PAYPAL system. You will have to log on to m (registration on this secure site takes about five minutes); it will take you another five minutes to write a letter to the publishers through the PAYPAL system. Letters should be sent to

    Editorial board
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