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Leiden Manuscript

A manuscript of the lexicographical work owned by the Leiden University Library [Universiteitsbibliotheek Leiden] that bears the title Kitab Majmu' Turjuman Turki wa='ajami wa Mugali with the date 743 AH (1343 AD) is customarily called 'Leiden Manuscript' among Mongolists after the works of M.Th. Houtsma and N.N.Poppe. The manuscript consists of two parts: a Turkic (Kipchak) glossary and grammar; and a Mongolian glossary and phrase book.

The Mongolian part of the manuscript (ff. 63b-75b) and the words 'wa-Mugali' on the title page (f. 1a) are apparently later additions ... The Mongolian part consists of the following:
Mongolian-Persian glossary;
Arabic-Mongolian glossary and phrases;
Turkic-Mongolian phrases;
Arabic-Mongolian phrases.

Yoshio Saito 'The mongolian words in Kitab Majmu' Turjuman Turki wa='ajami wa Mugali': Text and Index. First Draft, March 2004, Tokyo.

The photos were taken by Yoshio Saito in the Oriental manuscript reading room of the Leiden University Library in August 2003.

This manuscript belongs to the Leiden University Library collection and bears the classmark Ms. Or. 517.

The Library has copyright of this manuscript.

It is strongly recommended that everybody who publishes about the manuscript should send a free copy of any such publication to the Leiden Library.

m    See also descriptions of the manuscript on the Leiden Library site
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