Сергей Старостин

Sergei Anatolievich Starostin

24.03. 1953-30.09.2005
Doctor Habilitatis, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Leiden University (Holland), one of the most ingenious investigators of Altaic languages. The Author of fundamental works on Altaic, North-Caucasian, Indo-European, Sino-Tibetan, and Yenisean languages, on scientific principals of long-range comparison, and improving of glottohronology method.

He proved Japanese to be an Altaic languages in his work 'Altaic problem and the origin of Japanese' (Мoscow, 1991). He headed the team working on Etymological dictionary of the altaic languages (Brill 2003): the largest lexicography source on Proto-Altaic (over 3000 reconstructed Altaic roots) He created the new phonological reconstruction of Proto-Altaic, established the system of regular correspondences between all 5 subgroups of Altaic (instead of outdated reconstruction of Ramstedt and Poppe). He found a considerable number of phonetic laws.