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  • Mongolian
  • Turkic
  • Manchu-Tungus
  • Korean
  • Japanese

  • Mongolian
  • Turkic
  • Korean
  • Manchu-Tungus
  • Japanese

  • Mongolian
  • Turkic
  • Manchu-Tungus
  • Korean
  • Japanese

  • Mongolian
  • Turkic
  • Manchu-Tungus
  • Korean
  • Japanese

  • About the project MONUMENTA ALTAICA
    This site is devoted to the languages of Altai family. Here you can get a free access to the great amount of texts in ancient and modern altaic languages: Turkic, Mongolian, Manchu-tungus, Korean and Japanese. Also you can find here papers on altaic linguistics, biographies of famous scholars in the field of Altaic studies, bibliographies of linguistic studies, links to grammars and dictionaries and a lot of other information. I greatly appreciate and encourage any proposals of what may be placed on this site.

    News of Monumenta Altaica

    I've added the page devoted to Paul Pelliot, great French orientalist, mongolist and sinologist. Here you can download almost 300 books or papers about Chinese, Mongolian, history and culture of Central Asia
    I'm glad to announce a new section on my site devoted to language learners . I hope it will grow rapidly.
    Almost 60 papers of great Hungarian scholar Lajos Ligeti are now available for download on his personal page.
    Personal page devoted to Turkish Turcologist Talat Tekin with a selected works for download has appeared
    I've added a page devoted to famous hungarian turkologist Gyula Németh and his works
    Major updates in Korean grammar section
    Major updates in Japonic (Japanese and Ryukyuan) grammar section
    50 books and papers of the great turcologist sir Gerard Clauson are now available for download
    Over 100 works of Gerhard Dörfer, a superhero of the Turkic and Altaic studies, is now available for download on
  • A. Bodrogligeti, A Grammar of Chagatay 2001
  • Otto Böhtlingk, Über die Sprache der Jakuten, Teil 1 Einleitung, Jakutischenr Text, Jakutische Grammatik, St.Peterburg, 1851
  • Otto Böhtlingk, Über die Sprache der Jakuten, Teil 2 Jakutisch - Deutsches Wörterbuch, St.Peterburg, 1851
    This year is 340 anniversary of Johann von Strahlenberg. Every work on Altaic studies refers to him as to founder of Altaistics, however are there many people who actually read his book (1730)? If you are not afraid of Gothic font and archaic German you can read his book on Monumenta Altaica Ph. Johann von Strahlenberg. Das Nord- und Ostliche Theil von Europa und Asia
  • Igor de Rachewiltz. Sino-Mongol culture contacts in the XIII century : a study on Yeh-lu Ch'u-ts'ai (PhD dissertation, 1960, 700 pp, 127 Mb) .
  • The Zirni Manuscript. A Persian-Mongolian glossary and grammar by Shinobu Iwamura. 1961, Kyoto, Japan.
    The language of this text is somewhere in between Middle Mongolian and modern Mogholi of Afghanistan.
    Fundamental edition of Middle Mongolian monuments in 'Phags-pa and Uighur script made by outstanding Mongolian scholars academician D. Tumurtogoo and prof. G. Cecegdari
  • D. Tumurtogoo "Mongolian Monuments in 'Phags-pa Script" 2010 (Introduction, Transliteration, Transcription and Bibliography)
  • D. Tumurtogoo "Monuments in Uighur-Mongolian Script (XIII-XVI centuries) Introduction, Transcription and Bibliography, Academia Sinica, Institute of Linguistics / D. Tumurtogoo, G. Cecegdari. Taipei, Taiwan, 2006"
    A special memorial page for outstanding mongolist and sinologist Igor de Rachewiltz (11.04.1929 - 30.07.2016) who passed away several days ago. There you can also download some of the works of the scholar
  • Lot of updates on Manchu-Tungus grammars page.
  • Ligeti Lajos, A Magyar nyelv török kapcsolatai a honfoglalás előtt és az Árpád-korban 1986 [The Turkic relations of the Hungarian language prior to the settlement and in the age of the Árpád House]
  • Khakas-Russian dictionary (Novosibirsk, 2006, 22000 entries, O.V.Subrakova ed.)

  • 07.07.2016 B.Amarjargal "Khalkha dialects dictionary " - 700pp, every entry has translation into Literary Mongolian and Russian. See on Mongolian dictionaries page.
  • "Secret History of Mongols" is now available in original Chinese characters transcription: see manuscript edition of 1936
  • 24.05.2016
    Mongolic updates :). Two works about Santa/Dongxian:
  • Field L. Kenneth. Hui Loanwords in Dongxiang Mongolian
  • Field L. Kenneth. A grammatical overview of Santa Mongolian 1997.
    To the memory of the prominent spesialist in Mongolian Studies Maria N. Orlovskaya (1926-2016) who passed away on 4th of January 2016:
  • Орловская М.Н. Язык "Алтан Тобчи", Москва, Наука, 1984
  • Орловская М.Н. Язык монгольских текстов XIII-XIV вв. Москва, 1999
  • Орловская М.Н. Употребление причастий в "Сокровенном сказании" монголов // Филология и история монгольских народов. Памяти академика Бориса Яковлевича Владимирцова. М.: Изд-во восточной литературы, 1958. С. 101-125.
  • Орловская М.Н. Имена существительные и прилагательные в монгольском языке Москва, 1961. Издательство восточной литературы
  • Orlovskaya M.N. Combinability of Mongolian adverbs with different parts of speech and their place in the sentence //Ligeti L. (ed.) Mongolian Studies, Budapest, 1970, pp. 371-375
  • Орловская М.Н. Формы каузатива и проблема побудительного залога в монгольских языках // Общее и восточное языкознание. Сб. научных трудов, посвященных 70-летию чл.‑корр. РАН, проф. В.М. Солнцева. М., 1999.

    20th of November 2015 Turcological update:
  • Scherbak A.M. Grammar of Old Uzbek (in Russian)
  • Scherbak A.M. Comparative morphology of Turkic noun (in Russian) Leningrad 1977
  • Scherbak A.M. On the chief totem of Ancient Turks (mainly on the basis of linguistic material) // Türk dili araştırmaları 3 (1993): 203-211
  • Scherbak A.M. Sur le soi-disant rhotacisme Mongolien // Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae XLVI (2-3), 323-326, 1992/1993
  • Scherbak A.M. De l'alphabet ouigour//Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae XXXVI (1-3), 469-474, 1982
  • Scherbak A.M. Sur un problème de la phonétique historique turque // Studia Turkologica, Napoli, 1982, 487-495
  • Щербак А.М. Тюркско-монгольские языковые связи // Вопросы языкознания, 1986, 4
  • Щербак А.М. Методы и задачи этимологического исследования аффиксальных морфем в тюркских языках Советская тюркология, 1974, №1
  • Щербак А.М. О причинах структурно-фонетических расхождений в тюрко-монгольских лексических параллелях // Исследования по восточной филологии. Москва, 1974
  • Щербак А.М. О характере лексических взаимосвязей тюркских, монгольских и тунгусо-маньчжурских языков //Вопросы языкознания, 1966, №3
  • Щербак А.М. О методике морфологического описания языка // Вопросы языкознания 1963, №5
  • Щербак А.М. Названия домашних и диких животных в тюркских языках // Историческое развитие лексики тюркских языков. Москва, 1961
  • Щербак А.М. Об Алтайской гипотезе в языкознании Вопросы языкознания, 1959, №6
  • Щербак А.М. Способы выражения грамматических значений в тюркских языках //Вопросы языкознания, 1957, №1

  • 18th of November 2015
  • Enkhbat et al. Dagur kelen-ü üges (Dagur dictionary) 1984
    12th of November 2015
  • Famous Dictionnaire Ordos by Rev. Antoine Mostaert

  • 13th of October 2015 This evening I'm glad to present 2 fundamental works on Turkic lexicon and Protolanguage dialects: Сравнительно-историческая грамматика тюркских языков. Лексика. (Comparative and Historical Grammar of Turkic languages. Lexicon, 2001)
    Сравнительно-историческая грамматика тюркских языков. Региональные реконструкции. (Comparative and Historical Grammar of Turkic languages. Regional Reconstructions, 2002)
    and a classical work on Turkic morphology:
  • Martti Räsänen. Materialen zur Morphologie der Türkischen sprachen //Studia Orientalia edidit Sosietas Orientalis Fennica, vol. XXI, Helsinki, 1957. Thanks to prof. A.V.Dybo for submitted materials.

    28th of September 2015
  • Golden classics of Mongolian studies: Cheremisov K.M. Buriad-Russian dictionary (25000 entries) 1951.
    23rd of September 2015
  • I'd like to to express my sincere gratitude to Bazar Tsybenov who sent me for publication his new Concise Dagur-Russian dictionary (over 5900 entries). Г. Тумурдэй, Б. Д. Цыбенов, Краткий дагурско-русский словарь. – Улан-Удэ: Изд-во БНЦ СО РАН, 2014. – 236 с. You can download this Dagur dictionary on Mongolian dictionaries page

  • 28th of May 2015 Natasha Aralova has sent me for web-publication a series of Paul Schmidt papers on Tungusic idioms written in the 1920 yy.
  • Schmidt Paul. The Language of the Negidals. 1923 // Acta Univ. Latv. 1923
  • Schmidt Paul. The Language of the Olchas. 1923 // Acta Univ. Latv. 8, Riga, 1923, pp. 229-288.
  • Schmidt Paul. The Language of the Samagirs. 1923 // Acta Univ. Latv.19, Riga, 1928. pp. 219-249.
  • Schmidt Paul. The Language of the Oroches. 1923 // Acta Univ. Latv.17, Riga 1928, pp 17-62
    19th of January 2015.
  • With great pleasure I publish here the papers sumbitted by Prof. John Whitman:
    1) Whitman, John. 2011. Northeast Asian linguistic ecology and the advent of rice agriculture in Korea and Japan and 2) Whitman, John. 2012. The relationship between Japanese and Korean. Both papers are available for downloading here 'Books and Papers'

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