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04.02.2024 Two new publications on my portal:
  • Кононов А.Н. Грамматика языка тюркских рунических памятников VII-IX вв Ленинград, 1980
  • 16.04.2023
    Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! An Easter gift:
  • Short catechesis, everyday prayers and Easter reading from John's Gospel in Ewenki. Kazan, 1881.
  • Kara Gy. Un Glossaire Üjümüčin //Acta Orientalia Hungaricae, 1963, vol. 16, No 3, pp. 1-43
  • Kara Gy. Sur le dialecte Üjümüčin //Acta Orientalia Hungaricae, 1962, Vol. 14, No. 2, pp. 145-172
  • Mongol-Tuvan dictionary
    Translation of the Secret History of the Mongols into Tuvan language was added
    Biographies and documents of Turcologists who became political prisoners at Soviet times Ашнин Ф.Д., Алпатов В.М., Насилов Д.М. Репрессированная тюркология, 2002
    A classical grammar of Samuel Martin: A reference grammar of Japanese, 1991
    A descirption of Chulym Turkic by Kondiyakov A. and Lemskaya V. A recent book of 2021 on the Turkic grammars page.
    Online game for learning BURIAD LEXICON (Орос - Буряад)
    Online games for learning TURKISH LEXICON (Rusça-Türkçe) and MONGOLIAN LEXICON (Орос - Монгол)
    Just published in Ulan-Ude picture dictionary of Turkic Soyot is already here:
    Rassadin V.I. Soyot Picture Dictionary, 2020, Ulan-Ude
    Happy new year for all the language-lovers. Enjoy over 50 dictionaries for various Mongolic languages on Monumenta Altaica.
    Dozens of Turkic dictionaries on Monumenta Altaica, including Mahmud Kashgari, Radloff's, Budagov's dictionaries. Chuvash dictionary of Ashmarin, Halaji dictionary of Doerfer, Altai dictionary of Verbitzki, Tofa dictionary of Rassadin and many many others.
    Three famous Yakut dictionares: Short Russian Yakut by E.Pekarsky, Large Yakut-Russian by E.Pekarsky, and Yakut-Russian ed. by P.A. Sleptsov (25000 entries).
    A personal page devoted to the great German Mongolist and Sinologist Erich Haenisch. Here you can find many of his works including translations of Secret History into German and the dictionary of this famous written monument.
    Václav Blažek generously offered for publishing on my site his comprehensive manual of Altaic languages: Blažek Václav: Altaic Languages: History of research, survey, classification and a sketch of comparative grammar (in collaboration with Michal Schwarz and Ondřej Srba) Brno, 2019

  • 01.11.2018
    I've added the page devoted to Paul Pelliot, great French orientalist, mongolist and sinologist. Here you can download almost 300 books or papers about Chinese, Mongolian, history and culture of Central Asia
    I'm glad to announce a new section on my site devoted to language learners . I hope it will grow rapidly.
    Almost 60 papers of great Hungarian scholar Lajos Ligeti are now available for download on his personal page.
    Personal page devoted to Turkish Turcologist Talat Tekin with a selected works for download has appeared
    I've added a page devoted to famous hungarian turkologist Gyula Németh and his works
    Major updates in Korean grammar section
    Major updates in Japonic (Japanese and Ryukyuan) grammar section
    50 books and papers of the great turcologist sir Gerard Clauson are now available for download
    Over 100 works of Gerhard Dörfer, a superhero of the Turkic and Altaic studies, is now available for download on
  • A. Bodrogligeti, A Grammar of Chagatay 2001
  • Otto Böhtlingk, Über die Sprache der Jakuten, Teil 1 Einleitung, Jakutischenr Text, Jakutische Grammatik, St.Peterburg, 1851
  • Otto Böhtlingk, Über die Sprache der Jakuten, Teil 2 Jakutisch - Deutsches Wörterbuch, St.Peterburg, 1851
    This year is 340 anniversary of Johann von Strahlenberg. Every work on Altaic studies refers to him as to founder of Altaistics, however are there many people who actually read his book (1730)? If you are not afraid of Gothic font and archaic German you can read his book on Monumenta Altaica Ph. Johann von Strahlenberg. Das Nord- und Ostliche Theil von Europa und Asia
  • Igor de Rachewiltz. Sino-Mongol culture contacts in the XIII century : a study on Yeh-lu Ch'u-ts'ai (PhD dissertation, 1960, 700 pp, 127 Mb) .
  • The Zirni Manuscript. A Persian-Mongolian glossary and grammar by Shinobu Iwamura. 1961, Kyoto, Japan.
    The language of this text is somewhere in between Middle Mongolian and modern Mogholi of Afghanistan.
    Fundamental edition of Middle Mongolian monuments in 'Phags-pa and Uighur script made by outstanding Mongolian scholars academician D. Tumurtogoo and prof. G. Cecegdari
  • D. Tumurtogoo "Mongolian Monuments in 'Phags-pa Script" 2010 (Introduction, Transliteration, Transcription and Bibliography)
  • D. Tumurtogoo "Monuments in Uighur-Mongolian Script (XIII-XVI centuries) Introduction, Transcription and Bibliography, Academia Sinica, Institute of Linguistics / D. Tumurtogoo, G. Cecegdari. Taipei, Taiwan, 2006"
    A special memorial page for outstanding mongolist and sinologist Igor de Rachewiltz (11.04.1929 - 30.07.2016) who passed away several days ago. There you can also download some of the works of the scholar
  • Lot of updates on Manchu-Tungus grammars page.
  • Ligeti Lajos, A Magyar nyelv török kapcsolatai a honfoglalás előtt és az Árpád-korban 1986 [The Turkic relations of the Hungarian language prior to the settlement and in the age of the Árpád House]
  • Khakas-Russian dictionary (Novosibirsk, 2006, 22000 entries, O.V.Subrakova ed.)

  • 07.07.2016 B.Amarjargal "Khalkha dialects dictionary " - 700pp, every entry has translation into Literary Mongolian and Russian. See on Mongolian dictionaries page.
  • "Secret History of Mongols" is now available in original Chinese characters transcription: see manuscript edition of 1936
  • 24.05.2016
    Mongolic updates :). Two works about Santa/Dongxian:
  • Field L. Kenneth. Hui Loanwords in Dongxiang Mongolian
  • Field L. Kenneth. A grammatical overview of Santa Mongolian 1997.
    To the memory of the prominent spesialist in Mongolian Studies Maria N. Orlovskaya (1926-2016) who passed away on 4th of January 2016:
  • Орловская М.Н. Язык "Алтан Тобчи", Москва, Наука, 1984
  • Орловская М.Н. Язык монгольских текстов XIII-XIV вв. Москва, 1999
  • Орловская М.Н. Употребление причастий в "Сокровенном сказании" монголов // Филология и история монгольских народов. Памяти академика Бориса Яковлевича Владимирцова. М.: Изд-во восточной литературы, 1958. С. 101-125.
  • Орловская М.Н. Имена существительные и прилагательные в монгольском языке Москва, 1961. Издательство восточной литературы
  • Orlovskaya M.N. Combinability of Mongolian adverbs with different parts of speech and their place in the sentence //Ligeti L. (ed.) Mongolian Studies, Budapest, 1970, pp. 371-375
  • Орловская М.Н. Формы каузатива и проблема побудительного залога в монгольских языках // Общее и восточное языкознание. Сб. научных трудов, посвященных 70-летию чл.‑корр. РАН, проф. В.М. Солнцева. М., 1999.

    20th of November 2015 Turcological update:
  • Scherbak A.M. Grammar of Old Uzbek (in Russian)
  • Scherbak A.M. Comparative morphology of Turkic noun (in Russian) Leningrad 1977
  • Scherbak A.M. On the chief totem of Ancient Turks (mainly on the basis of linguistic material) // Türk dili araştırmaları 3 (1993): 203-211
  • Scherbak A.M. Sur le soi-disant rhotacisme Mongolien // Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae XLVI (2-3), 323-326, 1992/1993
  • Scherbak A.M. De l'alphabet ouigour//Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae XXXVI (1-3), 469-474, 1982
  • Scherbak A.M. Sur un problème de la phonétique historique turque // Studia Turkologica, Napoli, 1982, 487-495
  • Щербак А.М. Тюркско-монгольские языковые связи // Вопросы языкознания, 1986, 4
  • Щербак А.М. Методы и задачи этимологического исследования аффиксальных морфем в тюркских языках Советская тюркология, 1974, №1
  • Щербак А.М. О причинах структурно-фонетических расхождений в тюрко-монгольских лексических параллелях // Исследования по восточной филологии. Москва, 1974
  • Щербак А.М. О характере лексических взаимосвязей тюркских, монгольских и тунгусо-маньчжурских языков //Вопросы языкознания, 1966, №3
  • Щербак А.М. О методике морфологического описания языка // Вопросы языкознания 1963, №5
  • Щербак А.М. Названия домашних и диких животных в тюркских языках // Историческое развитие лексики тюркских языков. Москва, 1961
  • Щербак А.М. Об Алтайской гипотезе в языкознании Вопросы языкознания, 1959, №6
  • Щербак А.М. Способы выражения грамматических значений в тюркских языках //Вопросы языкознания, 1957, №1

  • 18th of November 2015
  • Enkhbat et al. Dagur kelen-ü üges (Dagur dictionary) 1984
    12th of November 2015
  • Famous Dictionnaire Ordos by Rev. Antoine Mostaert

  • 13th of October 2015 This evening I'm glad to present 2 fundamental works on Turkic lexicon and Protolanguage dialects: Сравнительно-историческая грамматика тюркских языков. Лексика. (Comparative and Historical Grammar of Turkic languages. Lexicon, 2001)
    Сравнительно-историческая грамматика тюркских языков. Региональные реконструкции. (Comparative and Historical Grammar of Turkic languages. Regional Reconstructions, 2002)
    and a classical work on Turkic morphology:
  • Martti Räsänen. Materialen zur Morphologie der Türkischen sprachen //Studia Orientalia edidit Sosietas Orientalis Fennica, vol. XXI, Helsinki, 1957. Thanks to prof. A.V.Dybo for submitted materials.

    28th of September 2015
  • Golden classics of Mongolian studies: Cheremisov K.M. Buriad-Russian dictionary (25000 entries) 1951.
    23rd of September 2015
  • I'd like to to express my sincere gratitude to Bazar Tsybenov who sent me for publication his new Concise Dagur-Russian dictionary (over 5900 entries). Г. Тумурдэй, Б. Д. Цыбенов, Краткий дагурско-русский словарь. – Улан-Удэ: Изд-во БНЦ СО РАН, 2014. – 236 с. You can download this Dagur dictionary on Mongolian dictionaries page

  • 28th of May 2015 Natasha Aralova has sent me for web-publication a series of Paul Schmidt papers on Tungusic idioms written in the 1920 yy.
  • Schmidt Paul. The Language of the Negidals. 1923 // Acta Univ. Latv. 1923
  • Schmidt Paul. The Language of the Olchas. 1923 // Acta Univ. Latv. 8, Riga, 1923, pp. 229-288.
  • Schmidt Paul. The Language of the Samagirs. 1923 // Acta Univ. Latv.19, Riga, 1928. pp. 219-249.
  • Schmidt Paul. The Language of the Oroches. 1923 // Acta Univ. Latv.17, Riga 1928, pp 17-62
    19th of January 2015.
  • With great pleasure I publish here the papers sumbitted by Prof. John Whitman:
    1) Whitman, John. 2011. Northeast Asian linguistic ecology and the advent of rice agriculture in Korea and Japan and 2) Whitman, John. 2012. The relationship between Japanese and Korean. Both papers are available for downloading here 'Books and Papers'

  • 16th of January 2015.
  • I've corrected the links to Comparative dictionary of Manchu-Tungus languages. Now the dictionary is again available for downloading. Thanks to Prof. John Whitman for his vigilance :)

  • 15th of January 2015. I put 'Kalmyk Syntax' (Elista, 2010) by G.Ts.Purbeev (in Russian) on Mongolian grammars page .
    14th of January 2015. Manchu grammar page now hosts a concise Manchu Grammmar of Haenisch: Erich Haenisch, Mandschu-Grammatik mit Lesestucken und 23 Texttafeln, Leipzig, 1961
    13th of January 2015
    Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
    An old friend of our website, Denis Tokmashev, sent us his Teleut grammar. You can download it from the link on Turkic grammar page .
    28th of December 2014
  • Professor John C. Street sent me for web-publication his outstanding work The new transliteration of 'The Secret History of Mongols'
    27th of September 2014.
  • Grievous news from Saint-Petersburg. The prominent turkologist Sergei Klyashtorny passed away on 21st of September

  • 2nd of January 2013.
    Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas to all of my visitors.
    I'd like to present an alphabethic New Year present. New (although some of them are rather old) works in Altaic studies from A to Z.
  • Aalto Zum Periodenbau im Mongolischen Mongolian Studies 1970
  • Bailey A Turkish-Khotanese Vocabulary 1944
  • Clauson The Earliest Turkish loanwords in Mongolian 1959
  • Deny Le nom de mardi en osmanli ZDMG 104 1954
  • Enkhbat. Dagur dictionary. 1984
  • Fletcher an oyirod letter in the british museum, 1970
  • Gabain Hunnisch-turkische Beziehungen 1955
  • Halliday The Language of the Chinese 'SHM' 1959
  • Ikegami. One one verb ending in Proto-Tungus. About *-si-, 1973
  • Jacquet. Notice sur quelques relations diplomatiques des Mongols de la Chine avec les Papes d'Avignon, 1831
  • Kaluzynski Tungusische Lehnworter im Jakutischen 1982
  • Ligeti Les fragments du Subhasitaratnanidhi mongol 1964
  • Menges, Korean and Altaic a preliminary sketch, 1984
  • Nemeth Gy, Die kökturkischen Grabinschriften aus dem Tale des Talas in Turkestan, 1926
  • Ozawa A Grammar of the Language of SHM (Japanese)
  • Pelliot Le pretendu vocabulaire mongol des Kaitak 1927
  • Qas-Erdeni, Namcarai Dagur monggul kelen-u qaricagulul 1983
  • Rasanen Tu.anl.h- als Uberbleibsel des alt.p- 1961
  • Tekin Hunlarin dili, 1993 (in Turkish)
  • Urakami, reconstructions of the consonants of Proto-Amami, 1991
  • Sato. Middle Chinese kai-he contrast and Old Japanese o-colored vowels, 1978
  • Vincovics, Name giving among the Mongols, 1985
  • Wiedrick Old Japanese and the Manyousyuu 2000
  • Yamazaki On The Ordinal suffixes in the Altaic languages, 1991
  • Zahert Die kaiserlichen Erlasse des Shoku Nihongi, 1932

  • 12nd of September 2012. Buriad studies.
  • Selenga Buriad chronicles, 1868 г. (Poppe's edition of 1936)
  • Vostrikov, Poppe. Barguzin Buriad Chronicles. Texts and studies. 1935
  • Hori Buriad Chronicles. 1935
  • Будаев Ц.Б. Лексика бурятских диалектов в сравнительно-историческом освещении. 1978 г.
    1st of April
  • Hunmin Chonym (1446) (facsimile, glossary and studies, abstract in English).
  • Хунмин Чоным ('Наставление народу о правильном произношении'. Исследование, перевод с ханмуна, примечания и приложения Л.Р.Концевича, М, 1979).
    31st of March. New materials on my site:
  • Martin S.E. Morphological clues to the relationships of Japanese and Korean//Patterns of change, change of patterns: linguistic change and reconstruction methodology, (Baldi, eds) 1991
  • Кормушин И.В. Древние тюркские языки. Абакан, 2004 (Kormushin. Old Turkic langauages)
  • Сарыханов М. Довардарчылык лексикасы, Ашгабат, 1997 (Saryhanov, Agricultural lexica in Turkmen
  • Поливанов Е. Музыкальное ударение в говоре Токио Петроградъ, 1915 (Polivanov, Musical accent in Tokyo dialect)
  • With deep sorrow we have to inform that on 17th of February 2012 passed away an outstanding hungarian Mongolist Katalin Uray-Kőhalmi (1926-2012). There are following works of hers on my site:
  • Uray-Kőhalmi Katalin Lexicologisches und Kulturgeschichtliches über Köcher und bogenfutteral der Steppenvölker//Доклады XXV конгресса востоковедов, Москва 1960
  • Uray-Kőhalmi Katalin Der mongolisch kamniganische Dialekt von Dadal Sum//Acta Orientalia IX, 1959.
  • Uray-Kőhalmi Katalin Über einige dagurische ortsnamen aus dem 17. Jahrhundert
  • Uray-Kőhalmi Katalin La periodisation de l'histoire des armements des nomades des steppes//Études mongoles, cahier 5, 1974
  • Uray-Kőhalmi Katalin Sibirische Parallelen zur Ethnographie der geheimen Geschichte der Mongolen//Mongolian studies (Ligeti eds.), Budapest, 1970.
  • 11st of March 2011
    Prof. Mariek Stachowski kindly granted some of his works for online publication on my site:
    M.Stachowski, Dolganischer Wortschatz, 1993
    M.Stachowski, Türkisch kulak Ohr, kul Sklave , kulun Fohlen
    M.Stachowski, Problem orientalnych etymologii polskiego ogar i wegierskiego agár, 1995
    M.Stachowski, Einige chakassische Etymologien, 1996
    M.Stachowski, Türkisch çocuk Kind, 1985
    M.Stachowski, Über zwei Namen für Knochen in den Türksprachen, 1994
    M.Stachowski, Urtürkisch *mč, *nč und das jakutische Ordinalsuffix
    M.Stachowski, Einige Namen für Dach in den Türksprachen, 1994
    M.Stachowski, Suffix- und Wortstammtypen im Jakutischen, 1995
    M.Stachowski, Über einige altaische Lehnwörter in den Jenissei-Sprachen, 1996
    M.Stachowski, Altaistische Anmerkungen zum Vergleichenden Wörterbuch der Jenissei-Sprachen 1997
    M.Stachowski, A minimal probabilistic development model of Proto-Turkic E-type vowels, 1998
    M.Stachowski, Zwei alttürkische Konsonantenwechsel (š ~ s, š ~ l), die Runik und die Altaistik, 1998
    M.Stachowski, Korean-Turkic studies, 1999
    M.Stachowski, Das Wort Mammut in etymologischen Wörterbüchern, 2000
    M.Stachowski, Das Ethnonym Zigeuner, sein slawisch-türkischer Hintergrund und ungarisch szegény ‘ARM’
    M.Stachowski, Arabische Lehnwörter in den Jenissei-Sprachen des 18 Jahrhunderts und die Frage der Sprachbünde in Sibirien, 2006
    M.Stachowski, Persian loan words in 18th century Yeniseic and the problem of linguistic areas in Siberia, 2006
    M.Stachowski, Der Ursprung des synthetischen Imperfekts im Jakutischen, 2006
    M.Stachowski, On the Article-like Use of the Px2Sg in Dolgan, Nganasan and Some Other Languages in an Areal Siberian Context, 2010
    M.Stachowski, Türkisch sarymsak - sarmysak Knoblauch , 1994
    M.Stachowski, Is the Yakut fox green ? Or remarks on some colour names in Turkic, Uralic and Yeniseic
    10th of March 2011
    A classical paper on the explanation of Middle Mongolian Yisunke inscription.
  • Доржи Банзаров. Объяснение монгольской надписи на памятнике князя Исунке, племянника Чингис-хана //Записки Императорского археологического общества, т. III, СПб 1851 г., стр. 268-292
  • 7th of January 2011
    Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.
    Let Christ guide you through all your life

    I'm glad to present a series of papers of mr. Alexey Burykin, Russian scholar, devoted to the various aspects of Tungusic, Mongolian, Korean and Turkic languages (all in Russian)
  • Бурыкин А.А. Aйсин эйхэн - altin eshak, или к проблеме тюркского источника нескольких маньчжурских слов
  • Бурыкин А.А. Проблемы семантической реконструкции терминов родства в алтайских языках и перспективы реконструкции общеалтайской системы терминов родства
  • Бурыкин А.А. Из сравнительно-исторического словообразования в алтайских языках: монгольский суффикс -bci (калм. -вч) и его эквиваленты в тунгусо-маньчжурских, тюркских и корейском языках
  • Бурыкин А.А. Общеалтайская реконструкция и перспективы изучения тюрко-монгольских параллелей
  • Бурыкин А.А. Малые жанры эвенского фольклора
  • Бурыкин А.А. О составе способов глагольного действия в эвенском языке и порядковых позициях показателей категориальных форм глагола в эвенской глагольной словоформе (опыт обобщения)
  • Бурыкин А.А. О названии железа в корейском языке (к реинтерпретации некоторых корейско-алтайских фонетических соответствий)
  • Бурыкин А.А. Научное наследие А.А.Холодовича и алтаистика
  • Бурыкин А.А. Позиция корейского языка в классификации отдельных групп алтайских языков и новые перспективы алтаистики
  • Бурыкин А.А. Корейское письмо в ряду алфавитных систем письма: к проблеме общего и особенного
  • Бурыкин А.А. Названия металлов в нивхском языке
  • Бурыкин А.А. Роль монгольских языков для алтаистических исследований
  • Бурыкин А.А. Изучение фонетики языков малочисленных народов Севера России и проблемы развития их письменности (обзор)
  • Бурыкин А.А. Нерегулярные фонетические соответствия в ойратских диалектах: проблемы интерпретации
  • Бурыкин А.А. Об одной группе исключений из закона Рамстедта-Пелльо в монгольских языках
  • Бурыкин А.А. О происхождении вариантов притяжательного суффикса 3 лица -ы/-и//-сы/-си в тюркских языках в свете истории местоимений и притяжательных суффиксов в тунгусо-маньчжурских языках
  • Бурыкин А.А. О соотношении личных местоимений 1 и 2 лица множественного числа в монгольских и тунгусо-маньчжурских языках
  • Бурыкин А.А. Рецензия на: Гирфанова А.Х. Словарь удэгейского языка. Санкт-Петербург, 'Наука', 2001. - 477
  • Бурыкин А.А. Рецензия на: И.В.Кормушин. Удыхейский (удэгейский) язык. Материалы по этнографии. Очерк фонетики и грамматики. Тексты и переводы. Словарь. М., 'Наука', 1998. 320 с.
  • Бурыкин. А.А. Булатова Н.Я. Система терминов родства эвенков (предварительные материалы к описанию)
  • Бурыкин А.А. Лингвистические взгляды С.М.Широкогорова и общие проблемы литературных языков малочисленных народов Севера России в 30-е-90-е годы XX века.
  • Бурыкин А.А. О месте тунгусо-маньчжурских языков в алтаистических исследованиях
  • Бурыкин А.А. Некоторые замечания к проблеме тюркских заимствований в тунгусо-маньчжурских языках и их значении для сравнительно-исторической тюркологии и алтаистики
  • Бурыкин А.А. Тюркские согласные *z, *š, *p в свете алтаистики
  • Бурыкин А.А. Из истории изучения фонетики западных диалектов эвенского языка
  • Бурыкин А.А. Система терминов родства якутов в синхронном, сравнительно-историческом и ареальном аспектах
  • Бурыкин А.А. К сравнительно-историческому изучению некоторых якутских терминов родства
  • 2nd of December 2010

  • A.D.Tsendina kindly permitted us to publish her transliteration of Mongolian chronicle of the 17th century Sira Tuγuji
  • 8th of September 2010
  • Тодаева 'Дунсянский язык' (Santa Language)
    Мудрак О.А. Отражение тюркских шипящих в сарыг-югурском языке (Turkic sibilants in Western Yughur)
    I'd like to express my gratitude to Prof. Choi who granted me a permission to publish his works on my site.
    Choi Han Woo. On some Chinese Loan Words in Uighur (1988)
    Choi Han Woo. On the Turkic shamanic word bögü (1992)
    Choi Han Woo. Contacts of Korean and Turkic in the Early Period (1993)
    Choi Han Woo. A comparative study of Korean and Turkic. Is Korean Altaic? (1996)
    Choi Han Woo. On some evidences of the affinity of Turkic and Korean (1997)
    Choi Han Woo. A Study of the Ancient Turkic 'TARQAN' (2000)
    Choi Han Woo. A Comparative Morphology of Altaic Languages - Deverbal Noun Suffixes (2002)
    Choi Han Woo. A Study of the Proto-Turkic tor 'general'(2005)
    Choi Han Woo. Evidences of the affinity of Korean and Turkic (2005)
  • 31 мая 2010
    В.А.Аврорин. Синтаксические исследования по нанайскому языку (Studies in Nanai syntax) 1981
  • 10th of April 2010.
    Christ is Risen!
    Easter present for Monumenta Altaica readers:
  • Mongolian-English Dictionary compiled be Ferdinand Lessing
  • 27th of March 2010
    The 2nd issue of Ural-Altaic Studies Journal is now available by subscription. Abstracts and subscription terms
  • 26th of March 2010
    M.Yamazaki 'On the ordinal suffixes in the Altaic languages' 1991
  • 25th of March 2010
    Nemeth Y. Der Volksname türk 1927
  • 24th of March 2010
    Sevortjan, Shiraliev eds. A Grammar of Azerbaijani (in Russian) 1971
  • 23rd of March 2010
    Egorov V.G. Etymologic dictionary of Chuvash 1964 (In Russian).
  • 22nd of March 2010
    M.Lewicki Les inscriptions mongoles inédites en écriture carrée Wilno, 1937 (djvu)
  • 18th of March 2010
      New papers on my site:
    1. О.Мудрак Развитие сочетаний с *l` в праалтайском языке
    2. // Аспекты компаративистики 2, Orientalia et Classica VI, Изд. РГГУ, М. 2007
    3. O. Mudrak Kamchukchee and Eskimo Glottochronology and Some Altaic Etymologies Found in the 100-word Etymostatistics List // Аспекты компаративистики XIX, Orientalia et Classica VI, Изд. РГГУ, М. 2008
    4. B.Kempf On the origin of two mongolic gender suffixes 2006
    5. B.Kempf Old-Turkic runiform inscriptions in Mongolia_an overview 2004
    6. B.Khabtagaeva Long Vowels in Mongolic Loanwords in Tuvan 2004
    7. B.Khabtagaeva Colour Names and Their Suffixes: A Study on the History of Mongolian Word Formation 2001
    8. B.Khabtagaeva The Intensity of Mongolian Infulence in the Tuva Language 2001
  • 12th of January 2010
    Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. Let the shine of the Christmas make you happy for the whole year.
    I'm glad to inform you of a new peer-reviewed journal 'Ural-Altaic studies'. The first issue is available for free downloading from my site. The next issues will require subscription.
  • 24th of November 2009
    Dear friends, I present a book of special importance in Korean Studies W. Sasse, Das Glossar Koryo-pangon im Kyerim-yusa
  • 18th of November 2009
    I'm glad to present a web-page devoted to the famous specialist in Mongolian Studies, Boris Vladimircov. There you can find almost half of his works, including the classical book 'A comparative grammar of Written Mongolian language and Khalkha dialect',
  • 4nd of October 2009
    Dear colleagues!
    With great sorrow I have to inform all of you that Liya Sergeyevna Levitskaya (1931-2009), an outstanding specialist in Turkic linguistics, comparative grammar of Turkic languages, Turkic etymology, historical phonetics and morphology of Chuvash language, the author of Historical morphology of Chuvash , passed away on Friday, 02 October 2009.

    13th of August 2009
  • The famous work of Andras Róna-Tas Tibeto-Mongolica (1966) devoted to the interaction of Monguor and archaic Tibetan dialects.
    12th of July 2009
    E.S.Soroçanu kindly allowed to publish her books on Gagauz:
  • E.S.SOROÇANU. Gagauzlarin kalendar adetleri (Гагаузская календарная обрядность) (In Russian and Gagauz).
  • E.C.Сорочяну. Гагаузский язык и его диалекты .
    20th of June
    Recent paper of Elena Kalinina on Modern Negidal vowel system.

    20th of April 2009
    Easter greetings to all of you, my readers and friends. Christ is Risen! And here are Easter presents:
  • The famous paper of the origin of Korean accent: S. Robert Ramsey Proto-Korean and the Origin of Korean accent
  • The first Japanese grammar on my site: Oxford Japanese Grammar and Verbs. 2003. (pdf, 39Mb).
  • The best of Manchu dictionaries ever published: Захаров И. Полный маньчжурско-русскiй словарь. Санктпетербургъ, 1875. (Zakharov. Manchu-Russian dictionary)
  • One of the best Mongolic dictionaries: Ramstedt G.J. Kalmykisches Wörterbuch(pdf, 50Mb)
  • Actual dictionary of Khalkha Mongolian: Д.Ульгийсайхан, Л.Г.Скородумова. Современный монгольско-русский тематический словарь. М., 2008 (Ulgiysaykhan, Skorodumova, Modern Mongol-Russian subject dictionary)
  • Classical work on one of the minority Turkic languages: Рассадин В.И. Фонетика и лексика тофаларского языка (djvu, 11Mb)(Rassadin, Phonetics and Lexicon of Tofalar)
    31st of December 2008
    Dear Friends!
    Thank you very much for your continuous attention to my site all these years. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me in compiling this on-line collection of linguistic materials. I wish all my guests Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Let the Next Year bring light and love to your heart and your home. As a present I'd like to present :) a famous Turkic dictionary of W. Radloff: 'Versuch eines Wörterbuch der Türk-Dialekte.' (in Russian and German).
    17th of December 2008
    In Papers section there is now
  • M.Shogaito. On Uighur elements in Buddhist Mongolian texts. //Memoires of the Research Department of the Toyo Bunko, 1991, #49 (pdf)
    16th of December 2008
  • I.J.Schmidt. Grammatik der Mongolischen Sprache, 1831. (7Mb)
  • I've added links to Etymological dictionaries of Turkish on-line
    26th of November 2008
  • I'm glad to present a Collection of Selected Works of Nicholas Poppe. It includes about one third (over 70 books and papers) of all his works, including Beitrage zur Kenntnis der Altmongolischen Schriftsprache, Монгольские названия животных в труде Хамдаллаха Казвини, Remarks on The Salar Language, A fragment of the Bodhicaryavatara from Olon Sume, Introduction to Mongolian Comparative Studies, Jakutische Etymologien, The Primary long Vowels in Mongolian, Introduction to Altaic Linguistics, On Chuvash-Mongolian Linguistic Contacts, Chaladsch und die Altaische Sprachwissenschaft and many others.
    29th of October, 2008
    On the Secret History Homepage the famous English translation of F. Cleaves is now available.
    23rd of October 2008
  • Masaaki Sugiyama. The 'Phags-pa Mongolian Inscription of Togon-temur qagan's Edict (Memoirs of the Research Department of the Toyo Bunko, 1988, #46 (pdf, 14 Mb)
    18th of September 2008
    Have a look at the page of Manchu-Tungusic texts. Thanks to Anton Antonov (Paris) and Zhargal Badagarov (Ulan-UDe) one can now find there two books: Avrorin 'Materials in Nanai language and Folklore' (1986) and Ivanovski 'Specimens of the Solon and the Dagur languages' (1894)
    17th of September 2008
    On the Secret History Homepage one can find the first translation of this monument into European language, namely Russian translation of the Secret History by Archimandrite Palladij, a member of the Russian Orthodox Mission in Beijin. (1866)
    15th of September 2008
    With great pleasure I'd like to present for the visitors of my site the state-of-art book of Marcel Erdal
  • A Grammar of Old Turkic Leiden, 2004 (20 Mb)
    25th of June 2008
  • One can now find the Grammar of Buriat (in Russian, 1962) on the page 'The Mongolian Grammars'
    20th of June 2008
  • Anna von Gabain. Alttürkische Grammatik. 1950 (pdf, 15Mb)

  • 11th of May 2008
    I'd like to present on the Secret History of the Mongols homepage Bulgarian translation of this monument provided by its author Alexander Fedotoff
    8th of May 2008.
    On the Tungus-Manchu grammar page one can find a rare book
  • P.G. von Möllendorff. A Manchu Grammar with Analysed texts. Shanghai. 1892. (pdf, 15Mb).
    7th of May 2008
    Now you can get access to the 2nd, 4th and 5th volumes of the famous Etymological Dictionary of Turkic Languages (scanned by Evgenia Chekmeneva)
    5th of May. New materials on the Secret History of the Mongols homepage (some of the materals are submitted by Ariel Lorencio)
    27th of April 2008.
    Easter greetings to all of you. Christ is risen!
    The Easter gift: one of the first written texts in Even -
  • The Gospel of St.Matthew in Lamut. The Kazan edition of 1880 reprinted with a preface by Cornelia H. Melles (Budapest 1984, pdf, 15Mb)
    21st of April 2008
    Today I announce the day of Dictionaries. Now you gained access to the following works:
  • Korean-English Dictionary (Martin, Lee, Chang. 1975; 1902pp)
  • Comprehensive Japanese-Russian Dictionary (1394 pp., both volumes in 1 file)(pdf, 190Mb)
  • Kalmyck-Russian dictionary (Muniev eds., 1977; 26000 words) (pdf, 105Mb)
  • D.Kane. The Sino-Jurchen vocabulary of the Bureau of Interpreters. 1989)pdf, 10Mb)
  • Etymological dictionary of Turkic languages. Volume 7. 'L, M, N, P, S'
    2nd of April 2008
    Today will be the Day of Mongolian Grammars. In Mongolian Grammars section one can find:
    N.Poppe. Introduction to Mongolian Comparative Studies
    Sanzheev G.D. A comparative grammar of Mongolian languages. Verb. (in Russian)
    Louis Hambis. Grammaire de la Langue Mongole Écrite (in French)
    Chinggeltei. A Grammar of the Mongol Language
    Jargal Molomjamts, Andrea Csillaghy. Introduzione alla lingua mongola. Монгол хэлний оршил (corso teorico-pratico) (in Italian)
    Todaeva B.Kh. A Grammar of Modern Mongolian. Phonology and Morphology. (in Russian)
    and many other works
    17th of March 2008.
    In Personalia section of my site I've just opened a new page devoted to G.J.Ramstedt. It yet lacks biography data but has a considerable number of selected works of Ramstedt. Now there are the following books and papers of Ramstedt:
    'Uber die Konjugation des Khalkha-Mongolischen'; 'Замечания по истории халхасского спряжения'; 'Mogholica. Beitrage zur kenntnis der moghol-sprache in Afghanistan'; 'Uber mongolische pronomina'; 'Сравнительная фонетика монгольского письменного языка и халхасско-ургинского говора'; 'Этимология имени ойрат.'; 'A comparison of the Altaic languages with Japanese'; 'Two words of Korean Japanese'; 'Kleine altaistische Beitrage' 'Reste des Nestorianismus unter den Mongolen'; 'Alte turkische und mongolische Titel'; 'Uber die Stellung des Koreanischen'; 'Uber die Kasusformen des Objekts im Tungusischen'; 'Uber die Struktur der altaischen Sprachen'; 'Uber Stamme und Endungen in den altaischen Sprachen'; 'Uber onomatopoetische Worter in den altaischen Sprachen'; 'Грамматика корейского языка'; 'Введение в алтайское языкознание'.
    8th of February 2008.
    Happy Oriental New Year. Шинэ жилийн баяр хvргье!
    Mr. S.Yu. Nekludov granted to our site his unique records of Geser cycle epics recorded in 1974 in East Mongolia

    28th of January 2008. Today in Saint-Petersburg passed away Alexander Scherbak, famous Turkologist and Altaicist.

    On Monumenta Altaica there are following books and papers of professor Scherbak:
  • The Dictionary of Old Turkic (Leningrad, 1969)
  • А.М.Щербак. О методике исследования языковых параллей (в связи с алтайской гипотезой).
  • А.М.Щербак. Енисейские рунические надписи. К истории открытия и изучения. //Тюркологический сборник 1970. (pdf, 2Mb)
  • Щербак А. М. Тюркско-монгольские языковые связи (К проблеме взаимодействия и смешения языков) // Вопросы языкознания, 4, 1986 (pdf, 868 kB)
    29th of December 2007
  • Monumenta Altaica and me, Ilya Gruntov, wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As a present I give to all of you an access to the famous dictionary of sir G. Clauson 'An Etymological Dictionary of Pre-Thirteenth-Century Turkish' (180Mb, pdf, almost searchable), and to the standard dictionary of Monguor Smedt, A.Mostaert 'Le Dialecte Monguore parlé par les mongols du Kansou occidental. IIIe Partie. Dictionnaire Monguor-Francais' (pdf, 31Mb)
    With deep greef we have to inform that on 25th of December in Hamburg passed away an outstanding linguist, uralist and nostratist Eugene Helimski (1950-2007). Many of his works were devoted to the problems of Altaic linguistics:
  • Once more on the ethnonym „Tungus“.
  • On the interaction of Mator with Turkic, Mongolic, and Tungusic: A rejoinder.
  • Samoyedic loans in Turkic: Check-list of etymologies.
  • Turco – Samoiedica.
  • Тунгусоманьчжурский языковой компонент в Аварском каганате и славянская этимология
  • Proto-Turkic / Early Turkic in its phonetic evolution and its contacts, 1st millenium A.D.
  • Самодийско-тунгусские лексические связи и их этноисторические импликации.
  • О двух фонетических законах в алтайских языках.
  • Происхождение древнетюркского чередования r ~ z и дилемма „ротацизма-зетацизма“.
  • Решение дилемм пратюркской реконструкции и ностратика.
  • Об одном диакритическом приеме создания древнетюркского рунического алфавита.
  • Тюркские лексические раритеты в маторском языке.
  • Язык(и) аваров: тунгусо-маньчжурский аспект

  • 14th of December 2007
  • Shevernina Z.V. Complex verbal forms in Modern Mongolian (in Russian). Scanned by Vadim Ponariadov
    In Grammar and Dictionary sections Chuvash and Bashkir links were added
    10th of December 2007
  • Ramstedt G.J. Das schriftmongoliche und die Urgamundart. 1903 (pdf, 6Mb)
    Scanned by Eugene Debbs.
    28th of November 2007,
  • Kaare Gronbech. The Turkish system of Kinship //(Studia Orientalia Ioanni Pedersen Septuagenario, 1953, pp. 124-129) (Scanned by Neyat Bayramoglu, Turkey)
    22nd of November 2007,
  • Aalto P. 'On the Altaic initial P-*' (CAJ, 1, 1955, pdf, 300K)
    Scanned by Eugene Debbs.
    21nd of November 2007
  • Today I'm glad to present the famous paper of sir G. Clauson 'A lexicostatistical appraisal of the Altaic theory.' (1969) (Unfortunately I have only Russian translation available) and the response on that paper published by Louis Ligeti 'La Théorie Altaique et La Lexico-statistique' (1975) (in French)
    Both papers are scanned by P.O.Rykin (Saint-Petersburg)
    8th of November 2007
  • We've published a number of papers presented at the International Conference 'Problems of the Historical Development of the Mongolic Languages' (Saint-Petersburg, october 2007)
    7th of November 2007
  • Monuments of Old Japanese: Norito(collection of prayers, 10th century) and Semmyo (collection of edicts, 8th century) in Russian translation with detailed comments ('Oriental Written Monuments' series) (pdf, 3.5 Mb)
    5th of September, 2007
  • Petrova T.I. The Language of Oroks (Ulta) 1967. (pdf, 8 Mb, in Russian, Scanned by V.Goussev)
    31st of August, 2007
  • G.Clauson. The Case Against the Altaic Theory Central Asiatic Journal, 1956
    30th of August 2007
  • Poppe N. Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Altmongolischen Sriftsprache Asia Major 1924. (pdf, 600K)
    28th of August 2007
  • In Middle Mongolian Monuments section there is now well-known publication E.Haenisch. Sino-Mongolische Documente vom Ende des 14 Jahrhunderts (//Abhandlungen der Deutchen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. Klassen für Sprachen, Literatur und Kunst. Jahrgang 1950 #4). 1952. Akademie-Verlag. Berlin. (pdf, 4Mb).
    27th of August 2007
  • In BOOKS section I present the famous fundamental work of late professor G. Doerfer 'Türkische und Mongolische Elemente im Neupersischen'
    24th of August 2007
  • Poppe N.N. On some ancient mongolian loanwords in Tungus (pdf, 500K)
    23rd of August 2007
  • New links to Mongolian dictionaries
    22nd of August 2007
  • Poppe N. Das Mongolische Sprachmaterial einer Leidener Handschrift (1927)
    21st of August 2007
  • O. A. Mudrak Avar inscription on the vessel of Nagy Sent Miklos treasure (2007, in Russian, pdf, 200K)
    20th of August 2007
  • In 'PAPERS' section I present the article of O.A.Mudrak 'Notes on the language and culture of Danube Bulgar' (2005) (in Russian)
    27 июля 2007 Breaking news! Russian Turkologist Committee resumes its activities and kindly asks all the specialists in Turkic languages to send their papers on Turkic linguistics and related issues for publication in on-line journal 'The Russian Turkology' (Editor-in-chief D.Nasilov). All received papers would be peer-reviewed by qualified specialists. You can send your papers to

    27th of July
    Before going on my vacation I'd like to present on my site a well known work of a well known scholar
  • Sir G.Clauson 'Turkish and Mongolian Studies' 1962(pdf, 16Mb)
    18th of July
  • Vasilevich G.M. Evenki-Russian dictionary (25000 entries, 1958) - with appendices and concise grammar of Evenki.
    13th of July, 2007
  • Ki-Moon Lee. A comparative Study of Manchu and Korean (Ural-Altaische Jährbucher XXX, 1958)
    6th of July, 2007
  • Ramstedt G.J. Mogholica//MSFOu XXIII, 1906. (pdf, 2Mb)
    27th of June, 2007
  • Mudrak O. Reconstruction of Proto-Mongolian Vowel System. 1983 (pdf, 11Mb, in Russian)
    26th of June, 2007
  • New book: Dybo A.V. Semantic Reconstruction in the Altaic Etymology. Moscow, 1996 (pdf, 7Mb, in Russian).
    15th of June, 2007
  • Papers of A.Barulin 'Glottogonic theory and Historical linguistics' (2004) и «Towards establishing of Glottogonic Theory» (2007)
    23rd of April, 2007
  • Vasilevich G.M. Evenki /Tungus/ dialects. Leningrad (pdf, 36Mb, 1948)
    17th of April, 2007
  • Thomas Vaughan. A Grammar Of The Turkish Language 1709(pdf, 3Mb)
    13th of April, 2007
  • W.Kotwicz. Studia nad językami ałtajskimi 1953 (Russian Translation, М., 1962 (pdf, 22 Mb)
    11th of April, 2007
  • G.Doerfer. The older Mongolian layer in Ancient Turkic 1993 (pdf, 7Mb, scanned by P.Rykin)
    9th of April, 2007 Easter greetings to the readers of my site. An Easter gift to the readers:
  • G.J.Ramstedt. A comparison of the Altaic languages with Japanese (1924)(pdf, 1Mb)
    5th of April, 2007
  • Poppe N. The Turkic loan words in Middle Mongolian//Central Asiatic Journal, 1955 vol.I, #1(pdf,5Mb)
    3rd of April, 2007.
  • Gerhard Dörfer. The conditions for proving the genetic relationships of languages. The bulletin of the international institute for linguistic sciences Kyoto Sangyo University Vol. II, No. 4 September, 1981 (pdf, 200K)
    Although Altaic languages are not in the focus of the present article, one should have in mind that it was written in the context of hot discussions on the status of relationships between Altaic languages, and on the genetic affiliation of Japanese.
    2nd of April, 2007.
  • Update in 'PAPERS' section. Vladimircov. Turkic elements in Mongolian (1911, in Russian).
    23rd of March, 2007. The birthday of S.A.Starostin.
  • Update in 'PAPERS' section. The following turkologic papers (all in Russian) were added (scanned by Pavel Rykin):
       Ashnin F.D. The first printed scholar grammar of Altai. Who was the author?.
      Kononov A.N. The Semantics of Color Terms in Turkic languages
      Kormushin I.V., Nasilov D.M. Biography and works of S.E.Malov
      Chronologic list of S.E.Malov books and papers, and the literature about Malov (compiled by L.Ya.Medvedeva)
      Abramzon S.M. Ethnographic studies of S.E.Malov
      Tenishev E.R. 'S.E.Malov as an investigator of modern Turkic languages'
    22nd of March, 2007
  • Arzhaana Syuryun scanned for our site the Tuvan Grammar. F.G.Iskhakov, A.A.Palmbakh. Grammar of Tuvan. Phonology and Morphology (in Russian)
    16th of March 2007
  • Mr. m    Elteber kindly give us scanned copy of the 2nd volume of the famous Kyrgyz-Russian Dictionary of K.K.Yudakhin.
    15th of March, 2007
  • Khakas-Russian Dictionary (14,000 entries) and Khakas Grammar (in Russian) by N.Baskakov, A.Inkizhekova-Grekul, 1953.
    9th of March 2007
  • Mr. m   Elteber kindly give us scanned copy of the 1st volume of the famous Kyrgyz-Russian Dictionary of K.K.Yudakhin.
    23rd of February, 2007
  • pdf file of 'Song of the dragons flying in heaven' - first Middle Korean monument
    22nd of February, 2007
  • Prof. Yoshizo Itabashi kindly allowed us to publish his work Are the Old Japanese personal pronouns genetically related to those of the Altaic languages (AOH, 1997, pdf, 3Mb)
    15th of February 2007
  • Tsintsius. V.I. The Language of Negidal (Leningrad 1982). Grammar, Texts, Dictionary
    14th of February, 2007
  • Orthodox priest Fr. Dyonisy Pozdniaev granted to our site 'The Holy Gospel according to Mark' in Manchu language (1822).
    13th of February, 2007
  • Bulatova N.Ya. The Language of Sakhalin Evenki (pdf, 8Mb, in Russian, 1999)
    9th of February, 2007
  • In Turkic dictionaries section the 2nd volume of 'Etymologic Dictionary of Chuvash' (S-Ya) (M.R.Fedotov, 1996. pdf, 22Mb, in Russian).
    7th of February, 2007
  • One of the first grammars of Kalmyk language A.Bobrovnikov. A Grammar of Mongol-Kalmyck language (1849)
    2nd of February, 2007
  • Bertagaev T.A. Internal reconstruction and word etymology in Altaic languages Leningrad, 1971 (in Russian, pdf,1,5Mb)
    1st of February, 2007
  • The list of links to Manchu-Tungus dictionaries was substantially updated
    31st of January, 2007
  • New page about the outstanding specialist in the field of Turkmen linguistics A.P.Poceluevsky
    29th of January, 2007
  • Ikegami J. Über zwei Vokalveränderungen im Mandschurischen (pdf, 1964, 500K)
    26th of January, 2007.
  • Borgoyakov M.I. Development of Cases and their Semantics in Khakas (in Russian, pdf, 7 Mb)
    25th of January 2007
  • the list of links to Japanese dictionaries on-line was substantially updated.
    24th of January 2007.
  • Dear friends of Monumenta Altaica. Many of you have noticed a considerable pause in updating the site. That was due to the important event: I opened a mirror site Now one can download files from much faster than it has been from The perspectives of site development are not exactly determined yet, but undoubtedly the site will grow and improve for your convenience. Both urls will be updated from time to time. You can test the speed of the new mirror by downloading the new book on Altaic: the 1 volume of 'Etymologic Dictionary of Chuvash' (А-R) (M.R.Fedotov, 1996. pdf, 13Mb, in Russian).
    29th December of 2006
  • Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all the visitors of my site.
    Next year I'm going to open the mirror on the faster server, so navigation will be improved, and the speed of file downloading will substantially increase,
    My special thanks go for those who helped me with the materials of this site, particularly but not exclusively to the following persons:
    Alexander Barulin, Anna Dybo, Lena Gruntova, Elena Kondratieva, Sergei Krylov, Kenesbai Musaev, Oleg Mudrak, Roza Tadinova (Moscow),
    Yoshio Saito (Tokyo), Zhargal Badagarov (Ulan-Ude), Ariel Lorencio (Prague),
    Valentin Rassadin, Alexander Lidzhiev, Eugene Bembeev (Elista),
    Nadezhda Bulatova, Pavel Rykin, Alexander Scherbak, Arzhaana Syuryun (Sanct-Petersburg),
    Rustam Abdumanapov (Tomsk), Ihor Burkowski (Kyiv),
    December 27th, 2006
  • Petrova. T.I., System of time designation in Manchu-Tungus peoples (pdf, 1,5Mb, 1937, in Russian)
    December 25th, 2006
  • Rásonyi L. Sur Quelques catégories de noms de personnes en Turc //Acta Orientalia Hung. 1953 (pdf, 2Mb)
    December 22nd, 2006
  • L.M.Gorelova. Manchu-Chinese syntactical parallels //Acta Orientalia Hung. 1997. (pdf, 700K)
    December 21st, 2006
  • In dissertations section I published the text of kalmyck scholar E.Bembeev Bembeev E.V.Linguistic description of Old Kalmyck (Oirat) text: «Story of piligrimage to Tibet country of Maloderbet Baaza-bagshi». (pdf, 1Mb, 2004, searchable, in Russian)
    December 20th, 2006
  • N.Ya.Bulatova. Pronouns in Siberian subgroup of Manchu-Tungusic (pdf, 2.3Mb, 2003, in Russian)
    December 19th, 2006
  • Ki-Moon Lee. Mongolian Loan-Words in Middle Korean. //Ural-Altaische Jahrbüucher 34, 1964 (pdf, 500K)
    December 18th, 2006
  • Ramstedt G.J. Etymology of 'oirat'. // Potanin Festschrift. Sankt-Petersburg, 1909 (pdf, 500K, in Russian)
    December 15th, 2006
  • Myreeva A.N. Some pecularities of Evenki lexicon (pdf, 300K, in Russian)
    The paper describes 50 name for different kind of snow in Evenki.
    December 14th, 2006
  • Pritsak Omeljan. On the Tunguz numeral Nadan 'Seven'(pdf, 350K)
    December 13th, 2006
  • Musaev K.M. Syntax of Karaim. (Searchable pdf, 2Mb, 2004, in Russian)
    December 12th, 2006
  • А.М.Scherbak. Yenisei Runic inscriptions. History of discovery and studies. //Turcologichesky sbornik 1970. (pdf, 2Mb, in Russian)
    December 11th, 2006
  • N.Poppe. Über die Bildungssuffixe der mongolischen Bezeichnungen der Körperteile //Ural-Altaische Jahrbücher 45, 1973 (pdf, 1.1 Mb)
    December 8th, 2006
  • New book: Martin S.E. Dagur Mongolian. Grammar, Text, and Lexicon (pdf, 4.8 Mb, 1961)
    December 7th, 2006
  • In the BOOKS section:
    Gadzhieva, Serebrennikov. Historical and comparative grammar of Turkic languages. Syntax. Moscow, 1986.
    December 6th, 2006
  • New in the BOOKS section: Tenishev.E.R., Todaeva B.Kh., The language of Yellow Uighurs (pdf, 3.8Mb, 1966, in Russian)
    December 5th, 2006
  • Kara Gyorgy. Long Vowels in Manchu Loanwords of Dagur (pdf, 1985, 600K)
    December 4th, 2006
  • K.H.Menges. Some Tungus Etymologies (pdf, 1985, 400K)
    December 1st, 2006
  • T.Tsumagari. The Phonemic system of Dagur Mongolian (Hailar dialect)(pdf, 500Kb, 1985)
    November 30th, 2006
  • Batmanov I.A. Case functions in Kyrghyz (pdf, 1,5Mb, 1938, in Russian)
    November 29th, 2006
  • Collinder B. Pro Hypothesi Uralo-Altaica (pdf, 300K, 1977)
    November 28th, 2006
  • J.Street. Nominal plural formations in the Secret History (pdf, 2,6Mb, 1990)
    November 27th, 2006
  • T.Tsumagari. A basic vocabulary of Khamnigan and Oluguya Ewenki in Northern Inner Mongolia (pdf, 1,6Mb)
    November 24th, 2006
  • Baskakov N. About Chinese loanwords in Turkic languages (pdf, 585K. In Russian)
    November 23rd, 2006
  • Whitman J. Preverbal elements in Korean and Japanese (pdf, 232KB)
    November 22nd, 2006
  • Kondratjeva E.N. Grammar of predicative in Early New Korean: from Middle Korean to New Korean. PhD 2005 (in Russian) in Dissertations section
    November, 21st, 2006
  • Doerfer G. Der Numerus nach Zahlwörtern im Mandschu. 1957 (pdf, 500Kb).
    November, 20th, 2006
  • G.Clauson. The Turkish Y and Related Sounds (pdf, 1.5 Mb)
    July 31st, 2006
  • N.Poppe 'Plural suffixes in the Altaic languages' 1952
    July 29th, 2006.
  • New paper Doerfer G. Ist Kur-Urmiisch ein nanaischer Dialect?
    March 7th, 2006
  • V.Drimba. Syntaxe Comane (in French) 1973.
  • N.N.Poppe Zur mittelmongolischen Kasuslehre. Eine syntaktische Untersuchung (In German) pdf, 1.6Mb
  • Nikolai Baskakov. Altaic language family and Altaic Studies 1981 (in Russian)
  • B.V. Boldyrev. Category of indirect possession in Tungus languages (in Russian)
  • L.Levitskaya. Historical morphology of Chuvash (in Russian)

  • February 28, 2006.
  • Added: S.A.Starostin - In Memoriam (by A.N.Barulin - in Russian).
    February 27, 2006.
  • Old Turkic - Russian dictionary (Leningrad, 1969; 20,000 words; VIII-XIII centuries)
    February 13, 2006.
  • A dictionary of foreing words in Mongolian by O. Sukhebaatar (in Mongolian)
    December 29, 2005.
  • As a New Year gift you can use now Ozbek-Russian dictionary.
    December 15th, 2005
  • Several volumes of Etymological Dictionary of Turkic Languages (Sevortian et al.)
    December 2nd, 2005
  • New books (all in Russian):
    Poppe N. 'The Square Script' 1941 .
    Kondratiev 'Old Turkic grammar'. Leningrad., 1981
    Baskakov N.A. 'Historical and typological phonology of Turkic languages' Мoscow, 1988
  • New dictionary
    Nanai-Russian Dictionary (12800 words) S.N.Onenko
    November 18th, 2005
  • In Personalia section a new page devoted to Prof. T.A.Bertagaev (1905-1976), a specialist in the field of Mongolian Studies, appeared.
    November 17th, 2005.
  • Prof. S.A.Starostin's Memorial page. In the memory of one of the greatest investigators of Altaic languages.
  • A Grammar of Korean. G.J.Ramstedt (Russian translation)
  • Rassadin V.I. Historical phonetics of Buriat
  • Todaeva B.Kh. Language of the mongols of Inner Mongolia
    October 28th, 2005. New books:
  • Todaeva B.Kh. Baoan language. (In Russian)
  • Rudnev A.D. Materials on East Mongolia dialects. St.Petersburg 1911 (In Russian)
    October 24th, 2005. New papers:
  • Denis Sinor. Notes on a Turkic word for 'boat'
  • Zhirmunsky V.M. On the comparative study of the heroic epic of the peoples of Central Asia
  • Louis Bazin. Les Noms Turcs et Mongols de la constellation des 'Pleiades'
  • Vladimir Drimba.Remarques sur le parler des caraimes de la Republique Populaire Roumaine
  • Scherbak. Methods of studying of Language parallels (in regards to Altaic theory). Russian
  • Sunik O.P. Agglutination in Altaic Languages. (Russian)
  • Ubriatova E.I. Yakut and its relations with Turkic, Mongolian and Manchu-Tungus languages. (In Russian)
  • Ulanov A. Buriat version of Geser (in Russian)
  • Dulzon A.P. Ethnic composition of Ancient Western Siberia inhabitants (in view of toponymics) - In Russian
    August 24, 2005. A famous book of Nicholas Poppe 'Introduction to Altaic linguistics' is scanned and web-published
    August 24, 2005. New section with links to on-line dissertations and theses on Altaic languages and linguistics .
    August 23, 2005. I added more than 40 new papers (all in Russian) on different topics of Altaic Studies.
    May 14, 2005. At the page Square script (hPags-pa) you can find the paper of Soviet researcher M.Sofronov 'To the Square Script Studies' (pdf 480Kb)
    April 14, 2005 Poppe N.N. Written Mongolian Grammar (in Russian - Moscow, 1937)
    March 31, 2005. Comparative dictionary of Manchu-Tungusic Languages. Tsintsius and al.
    March 23, 2005. Selected papers from 'Turkic lexicology and lexicographics (Kenesbai Musaev Festschrift)'
    February, 10, 2005. Grammar of Literary Manchu by V.Avrorin (pdf, in Russian)
    February 9, 2005. Well-known Grammar of Dagur (Dagurskoe narechie) by N.Poppe
    February 9, 2005. A number of papers by S.Murayama, A.Dybo, L.Nikolsky, G.Blagova were added.
    February 3, 2005. An outline of Khamnigan Grammar. (In Russian)
    December, 7, 2004. The famous book of G.I.Ramstedt 'Einführung in die Altaische Sprachwissenschaft. Formenlehre' was put on the site. However, it's only Russian translation.
    October 29, 2004. More updates in PAPERS section
    October 28, 2004. New paper: Mudrak O.A. Reconstruction of the Prototurkic phonological system (in Russian)
    October 26, 2004. Teleut folklore page
    October 13, 2004. Facsimile of Leiden Manuscript - 14th century tetraglott dictionary
    May 27, 2004. New paper (in Russian): Tenishev E.R. The language of Issyk-kul kalmycks(1976) - pdf, 324kb
    May 24, 2004. 4 papers (all in Russian) concerning Turkic and Mongolian languages were added to Papers section. Authors: A.Scherbak, N.Gadzhieva, M.Mollova, V.Zhirmunsky
    May 14, 2004. New paper (in Russian): M.Rasanen 'Ural-altaic language relationships'. (pdf, 493kb)
    May 13, 2004. New paper (in Russian): O.P.Sunik. Actual problems of Altaistics (1968) - pdf, 211kb
    April 23 rd 2004. Links to the Korean grammar (in Russian).
    Sijo - tercet poems of medieval Korean poet Chon Ch'ol were published on our site.
    March 6th 2004. New paper (in Russian): L.Bold. Historical development of ordinal numerals affixes in Mongolian languages
    February 23rd 2004. Karachay texts with russian translations are published in Modern Texts section
    February 6th 2004. New paper (in Russian): G.C.Purbeev, Mongolian Studies in the Institute of Linguistics of Russian Academy of Sciences: outline of history, problems and main results
    January 18th 2004. New papers (both in Russian): Derbisheva Z.K. National mentality in the mirror of language (Contrastive study of Slavic and Turkic grammar categories)
    Derbisheva Z.K. The treatment of grammatical issues in turkish linguistics
    27.12.03 Description of Urum dialects by A. Garkavets
    21.12.03 Bibliography of Khamnigan language was enlarged
    21.12.03 Roerich Y.N. Tibetan loanwords in Mongolian
    14.12.03. B.I.Pankratov. Introduction to the facsimile of the Secret History of Mongols (Yuan chao bi shi) (pdf 955Kb)- in Russian.
    23.11.03 S.A.Krylov 'G.D.Sanzheev and his contribution to Mongolian studies (in Russian)'
    10.07.03 Bibliography of Korean linguistics was radically enlarged
    7.06.03 Welcome to the section devoted to the famous Central Asian Geser-Khan epos (yet only in Russian)
    • 2.04.03 - We`ve published the introduction from Poppe`s book 'Квадратная письменность' (Die Quadratschrift).
    • 16.03.03 - PERSONALIA - A new section containing biographies and bibliographies of outstanding specialists in altaic studies of past and present.
    • 15.03.03 - In Papers section you can find Bjorn Collinder` paper 'Uralaltaisch'
    7.06.03 Welcome to the section devoted to the famous Central Asian Geser-Khan epos (yet only in Russian)
    • 2.04.03 - We`ve published the introduction from Poppe`s book 'Квадратная письменность' (Die Quadratschrift).
    • 16.03.03 - PERSONALIA - A new section containing biographies and bibliographies of outstanding specialists in altaic studies of past and present.
    • 15.03.03 - In Papers section you can find Bjorn Collinder` paper 'Uralaltaisch'
    m   • 14.03.03 - Now we can communicate on the FORUM of our website
    • 21.12.02 - A link to the Kazakh-Russian dictionary was added. (about 65.000 entries)
    • 21.12.02 - V.I.Rassadin 'Turkic elements in the language of the Secret History of Mongols'
    • 09.12.02 - V.M.Alpatov 'Why do the Japanese need Gairaigo?'
    • 31.11.02 - К. H.Menges 'Zu einigen Problemen der tungusischen Grammatik'
    • 30.09.02 - Ethnographic page about Dongxian people and their language (now only in Russian)
    • 28.08.02 - texts in Old Korean are now available
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    • 12.08.02 - The mongolian translation of the famous Altan Tovch
    12.08.02 A lot of new azeri texts were added
    12.08.02 Now medieval Qypchaq texts and epigraphics from Nagy Sent-Miklos are available
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    4.06.02 We`re glad to introduce a new section on our site Ethnographical and linguistical information about altaic peoples. Now it`s available only in Russian, but soon English version will appear
    18.05.02 In the section Turkic Dictionaries Kyrghyz-Russian Dictionary appeared
    25.02.02 In the section Old Turkic Monuments Old Uighur texts from Turfan appeared
    24.04.02 links to Jurchen documents, Jurchen grammar and Jurchen vocublary (Jurchen version of Hua-i ih-yu) were added
    23.04.02 Draft version of the bibliography of Turkic Language Studies appeared.
    23.04.02 Brief description of the Stone of the Genghis-Khan (the earliest written monument of mongols) appeared.
    19.04.02 You can get access to the French translation of 'The Secret History of Mongols'
    19.04.02 Links to Turkmen grammars were added to the section 'grammars'
    16.04.02 To the section 'manuscripts' links to Turkic runic inscriptions are added
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    27.03.02 English version of the Secret History Homepage is now available
    27.03.02 Mongolian version of the Hua-i ih-yu is available